The medium of instructions is English.

The school follows for language options:

Std 1-3 – Tamil and Hindi (Compulsory)

Std 4-10 (II Lang): Tamil/Hindi/Sanskrit/French/German

Std 4-10(III Lang) Student who opt for Hindi, French, Sanskri or Greman as the II Lang, their III Lang should be compulsory Tamil.

School follows the CBSE curriculum. The Pre primary section has both the kindergarten and Montessori system of education.

Lang II – Tamil/Hindi only

Lang III (Std 4 and 10) – Tamil/Hindi/French/Sanskrit/German

Syllabus for Std I – Std II

Lang I – English

Lang II – Tamil/Hindi

Mathematics, EVS Activity

Syllabus for Std III

Lang I – English

Lang II – Tamil/Hindi/

Lang III- Tamil/Hindi/French/German

Mathematics, EVS 1, EVS 2

Syllabus for Std IV – Std V

Lang I – English

Lang II – Tamil/Hindi/French/German/Sanskrith

Lang III- Tamil/Hindi/French/German/Sanskrith

Mathematics, EVS 1, EVS 2

Syllabus for Std IV – Std VIII


Lang I – English

Lang II  – Tamil/Hindi/French/German/Sanskrit

Lang III – Tamil/Hindi/French/German/Sanskrit

Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer Science (IV-V Multimedia Lab activity)

Syllabus for IX –X

Lang I – English
Lang II – Tamil/Hindi/German/French/Sanskrit
Lang III – Tamil/Hindi/German/French/Sanskrit

Mathematics, Science, Social Science 
& Skill subject 417 – Artificial Intelligence 

Syllabus for XI –XII

The Following Groups Are Offered For Classes XI And XII 

Group A1    :  Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics or Biotechnology or Psychology. 
Group A2    :  Physics, Chemistry,    Mathematics, Biotechnology.

Group A3    :  Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Computer Science.

Group A4  : Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Mathematics (General or Applied)                                   or Computer Science or Legal Studies.

Group A5  : Sociology, Psychology, Economics, History or Political Science or Legal Studies.
Group A6:     Economics, History, Political Science and Legal Studies
Core English is compulsory for all groups.

Physical Education or Fashion Studies or Fine Arts with Graphics offered as additional electives.

In addition to these and general studies, work experience, environmental education, Adolescent Education Programme, Physical and Health Education will also be part of the curriculum under internal assessment system.  Allotment of groups will be on the basis of performance in the qualifying examinations and entrance tests.