Safety Measures
To keep up the confidence levels of the parents and for the children to feel secure and safe, ample safety measures are taken for a safe sojourn of their education at Chettinad Vidyashram. Concealed wiring, Fire Extinguishers, First-Aid Kits, inhouse nurses are made available in all emergencies. The Science Labs have all the measures taken so that the experiments conducted by the teachers are done in total care and not to damage property or person.

The pool and the playground are in accordance with the required and prescribed safety precautions and all pre-requisites for safe swimming and playing are provided for the students.

CCTV Cameras are fixed in all the corridors and exits so that the movement of the children is monitored and care taken. The television set connected to the CCTV Cameras is in the Principal’s Office where the Principal is in total control of the happenings in school.
AFS (American Forum for Students)
The aim of AFS is to promote world peace and understanding through cultural exchanges. Participants are from India, Malaysia, Australia, Philippines, Thailand, New Zealand, Austria, Denmark, Japan, Indonesia, Germany & the USA. The exclusive one year programmes are:
The selected student stays with a local host family and attends the local school for one whole year to gain practical knowledge about the families, their life styles and their educational system. There is also a short term programme to Japan, named JENESYS (Japan East Asia Network of Exchange for Students & Youth). Selected students go to Japan for an inter-cultural exchange programme for 3 weeks. Similarly CV’s Students were sent to the U.S.A, Denmark and Japan.
The management of CV has been giving its fullest support for the students enabling them to learn and appreciate the diverse culture, beliefs & life styles.