Smart Board Classes:  Educomp smart class was implemented in the academic year 2012-2013 for classes I – IV.  Many smart boards have been installed at a time.  The Smart Class Digital Teaching system includes.  MCQ’s and Worksheets, Virtual Laboratory of simulations, Mind maps, Teaching ideas and topic synopsis, Real life applications and Web links and diagram marker.

 Auditorium: The  School’s Kumara Rajah Muthaiah Auditorium is one of the biggest auditoriums in the city.  It is Air conditioned and has a capacity to seat 1200.

Audio Visual Rooms:  There are 4 rooms which provide children an opportunity to learn using visual inputs for reinforcement of concepts learnt in the class room.  Each of these rooms is Air-conditioned with the seating capacity of 100 at a time.

Library   :  It is well equipped with 20,000 books of various categories (Reference, Fiction, Stories and Subject books etc.) and a variety of journals. 

Other safety measures:

To meet the demands of everyday affairs and to keep the parents re-assured about the safety of their wards, the school runs a health clinic which caters to the students with minor health problems and provides first aid to them. Well-trained staff and medical equipment is made available to meet the emergency situations.

Dining Room:

Mess facility is provided in our school which can be availed of by parents to ease out the ordeal of preparing and packing lunch for their wards.  The variety menu caters to the palate of the students. Fresh and wholesome diet is served for breakfast, lunch and evening snacks. Stress is laid on quality, nutrition, and hygiene.  We are conscious about the quality of food and use only quality products. The mess and the staff involved with the food service are personally monitored by a team of teachers to ensure its smooth functioning. The school has 3 spacious dining halls.