Tanjore Art

Kumara Rajah Muthiah School of Traditional Arts and Crafts

The exquisite Tanjore painting school was started by Meena Aunty in Gurukulam style in 1974.  It is the only institution following orthodox principles of tradition that has percolated down the centuries. This grand admixture of craft and art dominated by an iconic style emphasises on colour mixture, ornamentation and background and architectural frames.

Meena Aunty has submitted a doctoral thesis on the origin of Art and Development of  Tanjore Painting to Annamalai University and this was accepted in 2002.  She has come out with a book “Tanjore Painting”. Her dedication and perseverance towards this inimitable art is seen in her writing.  A tradition rich in content, reasoned out in an every relevant context and nurtured aesthetically and spiritually has come to be translated in to Tanjore painting.  Classes are conducted in the school premises for the public to learn this vibrant art.