The Quiz Club of Chettinad Vidyashram has been training students in quizzing. Quiz enthusiasts from class VI on wards join the club to enhance their skill.

Astronomy Club:

The astronomical club was inaugurated in the year 1996.  A regular night sky observation is conducted periodically.  Our club had an opportunity to witness VENUS TRANSIT 2004 (rare event once in 108 years).  Mrs Nirupama Raghavan, fellow of Royal Astronomical Society, UK conducted a competition for schools across the country in which our school won the first place at the National Level in measuring the Earth-Sun distances and the diameter of the earth.  At present, we are conducting astronomy programmes for Std IX.  The selections of students is based on the test on astronomy.  We have two telescopes which are 10 and 16 inches in diameter.  So far we have watched Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn with its rings and the moon.



V Care Club:

Another proud initiative by the school. Which aims to inculcate in the students social responsibility and pride in their cultural values.  It is an integrated club of the school which includes – Eco, Heritage and Social Service Club, which promotes well being of the physical and cultural environment.


Heritage Club:

This club aims at educating the students about respecting and protecting our Heritage.  To inculcate values of safe-guarding property is essential in this age.

Eco Club:

Eco Club of CV plays an important role in creating environmental awareness.  It motivates the students to keep their surroundings tidy & clean.  Several activities in this regard like poster competition, slogan competition, campus cleaning drive, participation in cycle rallies etc. are organized.

Social Service Club :

To care for the social well being and bring out the spirit of Joy of sharing, caring and giving, the club collects useful articles during Christmas for needy people.

Math Club:

Math Club is functioning from 2010 onwards.  The main idea is to develop the analytical skill and logical thinking, to inculcate interest in Math, to remove Math phobia, to bring out the hidden talents of the children and to create competitive spirit in children.  We have a separate site which is provide numerous activities based on math which can be downloaded and worked out.  The link is

N.I.E(Newspaper in Education):

Under this scheme organised by “The Hindu”, Chettinad Vidyashram has undertaken this project from 2008 onwards.  This programme enables the resource team from “The Hindu” to meet the students of CV five times in an academic year.  During these meets, CV students are made to understand the importance of the Newspaper in their day-to-day life, guiding them towards judicious implementation of its various columns.  The programme includes in-house discussions on different sessions like English vocabulary & syntax. Active participation of students in various sessions has been observed, as a result of which, drawing inspiration from the programme, a class-room newspaper of their own has been started at CV.  However, this is an on-going project, lending scope for further activities in future.

Chettinad Vidyashram is a subscriber of three leading newspapers at present namely ‘The Times of India’ for std  X, ‘The Hindu’ for std VIII and IX, and ‘The new Indian Express’ for std VI and VII.

 Public Speaking :

The school conducts Public Speaking course during the academic year and during summer vacation.  It is conducted by Silver Tongue Academy of Research.  The Facilitators being Mr Sanjay Pinto and Mrs Vidya Pinto.  It is a week-end course running for 8 weeks.  Certificates are issued at the successful completion of the course.

Theatre workshop:

Back in 2004, the school started Theatre as an elective after school activity for the primary batch under the guidance of theater veteran from Magic lantern – Mr. Hans Kaushik.

Many trainers have been giving  their inputs over the years.  This has evolved into an integral learning & skill development class. Interested students sign up for the same between classes of 3 – 8 and meet every Saturday for 1.5 Hour sessions over the year.

The program is currently headed by Dushyanth Gunashekar of  Crea-Shakthi, an alumnus of the school and also one of the first ever actors in the prestigious “Chettinad Players” productions. The program designed by Dushyanth employs improvisation and igniting the student’s minds to come up with stories of self expression improving confidence, peer interaction and self respect.

Another key aspect of the current crop of trainers is they have been recognized by The Trinity Guildhall UK of Speech & Communication and also offer the course certification to the students.

The classes include concentration  on theatre exercises, creating interest in students on subjects/topics they maybe aversed to, team bonding, healthy peer interaction, a welcome stress buster & distraction at the same time.

Papyrus Clubs:

The Papyrus club is an ambitious initiative by Deccan Chronicle & Net Link Technologies, to enable schools & colleges in India to create and publish their own online campus newspapers.  The club programme has a membership of over 1500 schools and colleges spread across the country.  Publishing online newspaper provides an avenue to communicate among the teachers and students as well as the extended community of parents, relations, friends, and alumni.  The club at CV functions with students of classes IX & XI as reporters and editors for its online news magazine, known as ‘InK’ which can be accessed at