Chettinad Players:

The brain child of the principal Mrs.Amudhalakshmi.  The aim of this theatre group is to hone the theatrical skills of the students. From the very first year, the plays enacted by the Chettinad Players have had rave reviews. The plays are based on our Indian epics and portray principal characters and events like ‘Karna’,’Vaali’,’Raavana’, Bheeshma’, ‘Kurushethra’, ‘Raghuvamsam’, ‘Krishna’, ‘Sundarakandam’, ‘Hanuman’, ‘Shiva’, ‘Gatothkachan’ and ‘Hiranya Brothers’.

 Mammoth sets, authentic costumes and realistic portrayal on stage have won laurels from the media and audience. The alumni forms a pivotal part of Chettinad players.