The  system of having four Houses  has been designed to encourage and enhance healthy competition among students and to create a healthy growing  environment. This leads each student of the House to constantly perform and strive to be better.  This system inculcates leadership opportunities and loyalty to their houses in students.   Every child and teacher belongs to a House. The Houses are named after precious gems. The four Houses represent the school in the  following colors:


Each House has a House Mistress/House Master and  Asst. House Mistress/Asst. House Master selected from the members of the  staff and  House Captain and Asst. House Captain from amongst the students.

house colors


Together, the members of the Houses and the badge holders execute the day-to-day activities of the school.  Assembly activities, festive celebrations , days of national/International importance are planned and executed in an interesting and effective manner both on the notice boards and on stage.  Team building and effective leadership qualities are inculcated in the process with the encouraging guidance of the teachers.