The Hiranya Brothers-English Play


 (Play in English)


Chettinad Players are back again with yet another spectacular play – “The Hiranya Brothers , An Epic on stage” with the support and encouragement of the Secretary and Correspondent, Dr.Meena Muthiah – Kumara Rani of Chettinad. Her ever mounting passion for fine arts is definitely the dynamic force and inspiration behind the inception of the very successful Theatre House.


Chettinad Players – The Theatre House from Chettinad Vidyashram is scaling new heights in the arena of theatre. Its earlier productions “KARNA”, “VAALI VADHAM”, “BHEESHMA”, “LANKESHWARA RAAVANA”, “KURUKSHETRA”  “RAGHUVAMSAM” ,“KRISHNA  – The soul seeker” and “SUNDARAKANDAM”

CHAKRAVYUHA” – An Epic on stage”, HANUMAN – The Immortal &

SHIVA – The Eternal Giver,  Ghatotkachan , An Envoy of peace” had seen spectacular success and won tremendous accolades from press, media and public.


The success story continues………

The stage is set again for another enthralling composition “The Hiranya Brothers , An Epic on stage”  the thirteenth  production of Chettinad Players.


The play revolves around the Hiranya brothers.The gatekeepers of Vaikunta,-Vijaya and Jaya were insane enough to believe that staying next to the Lord Vishnu gave them immense power,no wonder they were cursed by the Rishis and made to roam around earth throughout Dasavathar and get killed by Lord Vishnu in every avatar.

The evil brothers, Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha,let wicked and sinful actions hit their heads straight.As expected,the climax is with the death of the evil brothers.

When Varhah,avatar of Lord Vishnu kills Hiranyaksha,Narasimha kills Hiranyakashipu.


The play is directed by Mr. J. JAYAKUMAR who has been successfully showcasing his brilliance in direction over the years. PADMASHRI THOTA THARRANI has once again been successful in pleasing the audience with his magnificent set and transcending them to the age to which it actually belongs to. The imaginative and extraordinary script for this play was drafted by the script writers Elango Kumaravel and Deepika Kumaravel – the duo who don many caps in the field of theatre. The light effects by Lawrence brought a special glow indeed.  The cast which also has our alumni displayed tremendous enthusiasm.   The actors portrayed their roles effectively resulting in yet an other success.


MRS. AMUDHA LAKSHMI, THE PRINCIPAL OF CHETTINAD VIDYASHRAM- The Creative Head, is a multifaceted personality with a caliber par excellence. She has handled the entire show with ease and perfection. She has been the edifice for the creation of Chettinad Players.