Model UN@CV!

Chettinad Vidyashram proudly embarks on the journey of the 9th edition of CVMUN (2017-2018) which has gained immense fame and name in the MUN circuit and holds a prestigious place in the southern region. CVMUN, known for its bright brilliant minds and power to make a difference proved once again to be fruitful in preparing the students to leave a legacy behind for when the going gets tough, the tough start debating.

With the blessings Kumararani of Chettinad Vidyashram,  Dr. Mrs. Meena Muthiah and her Keynote Address, the event was inaugurated with a welcome address by Jahnavi Selvakumar. The Chief guest Dr. Rathi Jaffer – Director of the Indo Korean Center and the Guest of Honor – Agnishwar Jayaprakash ,an alumni of CV, addressed the gathering. To elevate the motivational quotient amongst the audience, we had a speech by the Principal, Mrs.S.Amudha Lakshmi.

The Secretary General was Girnar Anand from XII-A1, someone who’s truly a class apart. An overwhelming number of schools took part, exchanged their ideas and voiced their opinions making CVMUN’17 a huge success and took a leap towards a better future for the world.

The main agenda for the year 17-18 was “Solidarity in the Face of Chaos”, something you could use to describe the Organizing Committee and the Executive Board for they stood together and upholded the name of the school with pride and made sure that CVMUN’17 left a mark in all lives and molded it for the better. The event was an immense achievement on the part of the school with over  500  delegates and 37  schools. The students are waiting eagerly for its next session.