Food Safety

Tamilnadu Food Safety Department:

On the 20th of Feb 2018, officials from Tamil Nadu Food Safety Department visited our school.  They explained to the students the risks of consuming ubiquitous food items.   An examination was conducted to test student’s knowledge about versatile risks of food items that are consumed every day.  This led to an interactive session that cleared quite a few queries.  In this session students were enlightened about the hazards of the food, items that are frequently consumed.  The officials explained the avoidance of food items in which the information such as the nature of food, where in the manufactured date,  the expiry date, the protein content, the full address of the manufacturer, the batch number of the product, etc are not provided.

Certain packed ready to cook food items like green peas, tea dust, papad etc in which chemical components like food colour and preservatives were added were told to be avoided.  They also explained the norms to be followed by the people serving food in the restaurants.  Knowledge of the popular misconceptions about the food items were also explained to the students.  The tricks employed by manufacturing industries to efficiently sell their goods was also highlighted students of CV obediently and efficiently co operated and the session was a big success.  It was an enriching session which ended with the students gaining a lot of insight into proper eating habits.