CV Quiz Wizards

Once again C’vians did a brilliant job in quizzing.  The four fantastic quizzers -


who overwhelmed everyone with their mind boggling performances are:

Harsh, Adityanathan/Guru Gowtham clinched the first place in the Rotary Galaxy Science and Technology quiz conducted by the prestigious Quiz Foundation.  There were around 800 teams and our winners were awarded with HP Laptops and Bose Speakers.  The quiz was conducted in July, 2017.

In the NIE Quiz out of 300 teams, Harsh and Sidharth won the first place, winning Samsung tablets each.   The quiz master was  Loyd Saldanha.  The highlight of this quiz was rapid paced buzzer round and was a breath taking one.

Another prestigious quiz participated and won by Harsh and Adityanathan was the TCS quiz.  It was conducted by the famed “Giri Pickbrain”.  It is India’s biggest quiz event conducted in twelve cities. Nearly 800 teams participated. The animated final round was unique and simply amazing.  Both the quizzers were given vouchers of Rs 20,000/- from Amazon, speakers from sound logic, Sony headphones and computer accessories from Scnadisk.

Harsh and Aditynathan won the 2nd place in “TIS the Quiz”, Chennai live 104.8 FM.  The quiz was hosted by Nawab Zada Mohammed Asif Ali.  The quiz had a unique, brand new format.