Annual Events

Annual Day:

Every child is unique and to make him/her appreciated and praised takes days of celebration.  Annual Day is one such event in CV which not only showcases the talents but exposes them to a range of activities which make them feel confident.

On every alternate years school celebrates Maithri – Festival of Friendship and Trishna – Science expo.

Maithri (Inter School cultural)

Maithri is known as a festival of friendship among students from a large number of city schools, engaging in a healthy competition on events like light music, western music, dance, fashion show to name a few. Celebrities  are invited to inaugurate the event.  Meena Aunty envisaged ‘Maithri’ several years ago as an event that would bring scores of students together to exhibit their own talents and appreciate each other’s talents which has since blossomed into an event in which students across the city want to be a part of.

 Trishna:  The once in two year Science Expo show cases the intriguing concepts of Science and Technology as exhibits made by students.  The two Day expo is open to neighboring schools and parents to see.

Model United Nations (CV MUN)

CV Conducts an Inter School Model U.N. Presided over by distinguished guests.  Delegates from neighbourhood schools participate representing different countries in the General Assembly, ECOSOC, Environmental Commission & Human Rights Commission.  Global issues such as Liberalisation of Trade, Global Health Care, Elimination of discrimination, Global Warming etc are discussed and analysed  Dr. Mrs. Meena Muthiah never fails to be present on this occasion to encourage the participants.

Youth Parliament: 


The Annual School magazine Vision is the platform for student’s creative writing and also record of the schools achievements.