Sports Day – Vidyashram

Chettinad Vidyashram conducted its 33rd Annual Sports Meet on 29th  July 2018 at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium . The event commenced with a prayer.The National flag and the school flag were hoisted by the chief guest Dr.Thiru  Ravishankar ,I.P.S, a person with true spirit and discipline.The event began with the blessings of Dr. Mrs. Meena Muthiah.The event was inaugurated with a welcome address by the principal Dr. Mrs .S.Amudha Lakshmi. With great fervour began the march past which dignified the team spirit,discipline and perfect coordination led by the school band followed by the contingent of prefects led by the school captain followed by the NCC cadets ,V-Care ,cubs and bulbuls, scouts and guides  following them were the  houses Emerald, Pearl, Ruby and Sapphire which were  led by their  respective house captain and assistant house captains followed by the teams representing various sports .   The olympic torch bearers then lapped the stadium marking the beginning of the event . The oath was taken by the sports captain where  other captains pledged loyalty and fair-play. Various cultural performances took place themed on ‘ENVIRONMENT’ followed by the students performing divine yoga signifying inner peace.Various track and field events took place which comprised various running events of different categories ranging from 100m to 800m including relays. Emerald and Ruby house emerged victorious by bagging the shied of athletics and shield of swimming and inter-house competitions respectively.The event then concluded with the national anthem.

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